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As with so many of the propertys we work with in the bath area a lot of the properties have very limited access and to errect scaffolding to carry out this kind of work safely would be so costly  so in this case we had to install a new appliance and for the flue system to be brought into the current regulations we had to gain rope access to enable us to install the flue system correctly, a head for heights is a must. 

Burst pipes are not what anybody wants, in this

case the pipes were burried in a floor screed the pipework was plastic cooated but with the buiding expanding and shrinking with the different heat tolerences the pipework inevitabley gave way and burst, we took up the screed and repaired thie pipsa nd laid them into accessible.

Here we are upgrading a gas main, the original installation was undersized and would have affected the existing installation so we installed a bigger gas main and carried out a full gas safety inspection of the property which was being refurbished at the time.